SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer
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SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer (Code: )

SCT X4 Ford Mustang V6/V8 Power Flash Programmer 7015
Price: ₱ 35,000.00
SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer

Product Description

SCT X4 Power Flash programmers are the ultimate tool to tune your Mustang for more power! Unlock your vehicle's hidden potential! Programming your vehicle with one of  SpeedLab's Custom tune files is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply plug the OBD-II connector into vehicle's OBD-II port, select the appropriate tune files using the simple to navigate menu and in minutes the X4 programs your vehicle for your particular driving style.

Additional features and facts about SCT X4 Power Flash programmers include:

* Increases horsepower and torque
* Stores up to 10 custom tune files
* Full color LCD display
* High Speed data logging/monitoring
* Reads/Clears DTC trouble codes
* Dual analog inputs
* Supports all Ford Mustang models 2004-up
* Installs quickly and easily
* Easy restoration back to stock
* User adjustable vehicle parameters
* USB Interface cable included

Each SCT Programmer is loaded with your own custom dyno tuned file, specifically tailored to your car's unique modification and state. All tune files are programmed on the dyno specifically for your car.

Price is inclusive of one SCT X4 unint and dyno tuning.


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Q: Is this the same BAMA Performance Programmer?
A: BAMA Performance is the "brand" of tune made my, and they also use the SCT X4 Flash Programmer, they just put their own sticker to cover the SCT logo.

Q: I bought a BAMA Pogrammer from the USA, can you tune my car?
A: Yes we can! Of the bat we can tell you right now, that none of the BAMA tune files make any power for the local Mustangs, this is mainly due to the difference in fuel quality and weather conditions, which cause the cars with the BAMA tune to run lean.

Q: Is this a reflash?
A: Yes it is. Reflash means that you load software into the car's computer, kinda of like uploading files to a flash drive.

Q: Must I buy the X4 Programmer? Can't you just flash my car?
A: Yes you must buy the SCT X4 programmer because it is designed that way, you won't be able to flash the car with out it.

Q: How many tune files do I get when you tune my car?
A: Truth be told, you won't ever need more than 2, much less the 10 which the X4 can hold. We usually do a slightly more powerful map, and one that maxes out safely what your car can do.

Q: Can I transfer my X4 to another vehicle?
A: You have to "unmarry" your X4 to your car by flashing it back to stock, only then can it work with another Ford Mustang.

Q: Is your X4 only for the Mustang? I read in their site that all Ford vehicles can be flashed?
A: We can load starting files for other Ford Vehicles for $100 more. Our software version covers only Mustangs because that is the intended market, it doesn't makes sense for us to get the All Ford version because majority of the vehicle simply weren't sold here, like all Lincolns and Mercuries, and realistically, a guy with a 2005 Focus won't be using SCT, he'll just go for Unichip.

But we can defintiely tune all the new Ford models, like the Ecoboost Explorer, F-150s and such. We will need to see you're vehicles ECU number and email that to SCT for a correct starting file.

Q: Can this work for the Ranger/Everest?
A: Nope, because the Ranger/Everest was never available in America.

Q: I live in the province, and can't come in for dyno tuning, can I still buy it?
A: Best to call us and talk to us about your car. While we do prefer to dyno each and every car, we have enough tuning experience and cars we worked on to give you a pretty accurate pre-loaded tune. You just select from one of 3 tunes that we will send you uploaded into the X4 unit.



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