Plasti-WRAP Rubberized Spray
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Plasti-WRAP Rubberized Spray Blue
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Product Description

Plasti-dip paint is a spray on form of rubber vinyl wrap which leaves a gorgeous matte finish and can easily be pealed off leaving your original paint job unsaved. This method can also be used too protect your original paint work from scuffs and stone chips along with minor scratches and knocks.

Wrap your wheels, hood, emblems, trim, dashboard, roof, basically anything you can think off. 400ml can contains enough paint to completely do one set car emblems or one wheel.


Q: Does it really peel off?
A: Yes, Plasti-WRAP® does come off easily. We suggest a minimum of 4-5 coats to make it easy to peel off.

Q: How long does Plasti-WRAP® last?
A: If properly applied, Plasti-WRAP® will last you 3 years without retouching. It is very durable and will not lose its adhesive.

Q: How is it different from “foiling” or stickers?
A: Application – Plasti-WRAP® is sprayed on the car instead of being stuck to the car. It’s faster to apply (it only takes less than a day!) and it reaches all car curves easily, even the hard-to-reach areas! No bubbles!

Q: Will it hold up to the harsh elements (e.g., sun, rain, etc.)?
A: Yes! Plasti-WRAP® is extremely resistant to the elements like the sun, the rain, beach salt, and even snow. It never fades, cracks or discolors. It is heat resistant up to 180° C, enabling your wheels to hold up from heat and abuse during racing or rally events.

Q: Can I WRAP my chrome wheels?
A: Absolutely!

Q: How should I prep my wheels or car before WRAPping?
A: Ordinary soap and normal drying is all it takes. Do NOT wax anything. Do NOT use a rotary buffing machine on your WRAPped emblems and grills. Application of degreaser or alcohol over the clean surface promotes adhesion.

Q: Can I cover my black car in white Plasti-WRAP®?
Yes of course! We can also do it in blue, red, yellow, and green, among others.

Q: Can I wash the wrapped areas of my car?
A: Yes, use regular car wash soap. Power hoses will not affect the wrapped surface.

Q: I have a hard time removing Plasti-WRAP from the small edges and nooks, how do I go about it?
A: You can use ordinary paint thinner and a tooth brush, Plasit-WRAP melts and wipes of easily.

Q: How far away should I spray Plasti-WRAP®?
A: 4 to 5 inches away


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