1. Racing Tachometer – Nothing says “racing racing” more than a monster tachometer perched on top of the dash board. While they may look baduy now, racing tachometers did serve a useful function because back in the late 80s, early 90s, most cars didn’t come with one, you could rev the snot out of a 1.3L big body corolla and have no idea what RPM you are at. Nowadays, every car comes equipped with one right beside the speedometer.


2. Altezza Lights – Blame the Toyota Altezza or Lexus IS200 when in 1998. Back then, it was really THE coolest set of taillights out there. Then every jumped on the bandwagon, making them for Civics to Mustangs and everything in between. Banawe still actually has them and who knows, 20 years down the line when you’re restoring your Pizza Pie Lancer, these are actually a period correct modification.


3. Hi tension wires – Sparkplug wires as they were more commonly known simply fell victim to the march of progress when coil-on-plug systems showing up in the mid 90s and is now standard on almost all gasoline powered automobiles. I still do get the occasional “Do you have any hi tension wires for my 07 Ford Focus?” question though.


4. Lambo doors – This has got to be arguably the biggest fad of the last 10 years. Like all fashion-centric modifications, it was undoubtedly ground breaking that draws its huge share of oohhs, aahhss and expletives when it first came out. Then everybody wanted one. The first kits were very expensive and justifiably so, you did have to pay to be the first and the amount of engineering that went into making the doors swing up. But fast forward a year later and as sure as the sun goes down, cheap low quality knock offs would appear along with the inherent quality problems, leaking struts and flimsy materials were but a few.


5. MSD Ignition – Much like how sparkplug wires disappeared from the engine bay, ignition amplifiers, with MSD the most recognizable, found themselves outpaced by technology. MSD the company itself still enjoys popularity among the hot rod V8 crowd but with we don’t really have a V8 muscle car culture here and they simply have no place anymore in a distributorless world.


6. Aluminum Racing Wing – Affectionately called “sampayan” by enthusiasts, the big bad bad ass aluminum racing wing just kept going higher and higher until, like most automotive fashion tredns, simply became unfashionable and baduy. But the truth is, the big aluminum wing didn’t really die a dinosaurs death but rather evolved into the now popular carbon GT wing.


7. Gauge pods – You can blame Defi for this one. Realistically there was no clean and aesthetically pleasing way to mount aftermarket gauges such as Autometer, Greddy or most others on a car. Sure there were so called universal double or triple gauge pods but these were never a clean fit. The only way was to have a custom fiber glass pillar pod fabricated and since most body kit shops aren’t really racers, chances are that the finished product will have the gauges pointing too high or too low and in the wrong direction.


8. Fake wood panels – Back in the old days, luxury meant having fine hand crafted wooden trim on your car like they had on a Mercedes Benz. Economy cars didn’t have such luxury, so the aftermarket responded by coming out with fake wood trim that sticks on to the dash panel. Wood-looking trim isn’t just for the elite anymore, appearing in family haulers such as the 1st gen Starex to the current Lancer. Still fake of course.


9. Apexi SAFC – Okay you can lump in the VAFC, Rev Speed meter and AVCR also. Back then these were the coolest looking electronic tuning solutions you can buy, never mind that most people mounted them and never really bothered to figure out how it worked or what its for, much less bring it to a dyno for proper tuning. Filing for bankruptcy back in 2007, Apexi has never really recovered to its former glory and these blue screened tuning boxes simply do not work with today’s cars.


10. Flame/Tribal graphics – What’s the best mod you get your car to make it look faster? Why stickers of course! Nothing says speed more than a set of flames running from front to back. The sticker is just a medium and much like art, it is continuously evolving, from fast and the furious graphics of yesteryear to full body car wrapping that we see now.