power packageGot a "weird" vehicle that you want more power? Our Power Packages have become quite popular int he recent years, and other shops have started offering their own "packages" but none are as complete or as comprehensive and issue free as ours. While we do have a Power Package for most popular vehicles, there is the occasional "underserved" car model. That particular model may not be as popular as a tuner platform or the owners of these cars are not part of the "tuning market" But fret not, we can actually develope a custom SpeedLab Power Package for your vehicle.

The latest Lancer from Mitsubishi is undoubtedly a hit. Having wandered off buyer's radar with the last Lancer, Mitsu's latest offering comes back with a vengance. 2 years after its introduction, the Lancer EX (also called the Lancer Fortis in other countries) continues to sell briskly, because well, admittedly, this is the only model lineup that offers the new 4B11 2.0L engine across all model variants.

To sweeten the deal even further, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines launched its Fantasic 4Some promo for the Adventure, Lancer, ASX and Galant by offering cash buyers with P90,000 worth of free items. That's right P90k large! And one of the packages offered is an upgraded performance package courtesy of us, SpeedLab =)

Welcome to our new site!

Well it has been 5 years since SpeedLab started and we have moved to new and more permanent location, seems only fitting that we gave our website a thorough overhaul as well. We’ve now made it easier for you to browse items specifically for your vehicle with our innovative menu system. No need to keep clicking to find the mods that will fit your car, we present it all to you in a clear and concise manner. A new search function also enables you type in specifically what you are looking for too.