so you want turbo thumbWe get a lot of questions like these. “Hey can you turbocharge my so and so car?” and it’s always followed by “How much is the total?” Actually its pretty much the same procedure for almost any 4 cylinder gasoline car. It's By no means a simple mod but here’s a guide that will try to lay it out for and simply the technical jargon that you see in the various forums, and of course a realistic (read not cheap) budget for good quality components.

subaru ppTurbo vehicles are a tricky bunch and I suppose it is a bit our fault because of the runaway success of our Power Package offerings with dyno charts indicating the power of each upgrade, which leads to turbo car owners, particularly Subaru owners are asking “Do you have a Power Package for my WRX/STI/FXT?”

extinctChange is constant, and the automotive aftermarket is no exception. Much like anything technology or fashion related, yesterday’s must have gadget is literally a dinosaur in a few years time, and fashion is even faster in changing what is in and what is not. Here are 10 aftermarket items and trends that have gone the way of the dodo.

The automotive aftermarket has existed ever since the first car came of the assembly line. No sooner than Ford’s Model T rolled off the production line, owners have never stopped finding a way to make it go faster. In fact, the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association or SEMA was founded on the go fast principle. Long before 24” rims, super wide kung fu bodykits, retina searing paint jobs and bust your ear drums ICE, performance is the big grand daddy of the automotive aftermarket. The proverbial “need for speed” is what sparked the automotive aftermarket almost a century ago.

how to turboThis is far by the most comprehensive turbocharging step-by-step guide we have ever documented. While this is Mitsubishi Lancer EX, the steps and components are 95% the same with all other cars, so that you will have an idea on what really goes into turbocharging a vehicle.

The word TURBO is very much held in awe when men talk about cars. It’s  this ultimate holy grail of performance, and like the Holy Grail, often surrounded by mystery and false information. People know what it can do, just not what exactly it is.