HKS SSQV4 Blow Off Valve
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HKS SSQV4 Blow Off Valve (Code: 71008-AK001)

HKS SSQV4 Super Sequential Blow Off Valve 71008-AK001
Old price: ₱ 17,500.00
Price: ₱ 15,500.00

Product Description

The HKS Super Sequential Blow-Off Valve (SSQV) is a dual stage pull-type relief valve, which will NOT leak under ANY level of boost. This ensures a quick valve response and complete closure under idling.

Pull-type Blow off valves will work for any turbocharged vehicle, from stock to HIGHLY tuned

Push-type blow off valves require spring load settings for each vehicle specification. If the spring load setting is too soft, it may leak under high boost and may not reach the desired boost setting. If the spring load setting is too strong, it may not open at low boost. The SSQV will operate under any boost pressure setting without leaking.

Super SQV 4 features include a nickel-plated, die-cast metal secondary valve, which is swaged to the primary valve, a stainless steel C-Clip and spring to increase sealing and durability. To assure buyers that they are purchasing an authentic HKS product, the new design incorporates a holographic HKS logo on the back of the valve, as well as additional HKS logos cast onto the body structure.

The Super SQV 4 utilizes the same mounting flanges as all previous generation SSQV's to assure compatibility with all optional HKS SSQV inserts, recirculation fittings and recirculation kits.

Universal fitment for ALL Turbocharged / Supercharged vehicles.

Custom piping work needed to install. Professional installation required.

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