Toyota Innova SpeedLab Power Package
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Toyota Innova SpeedLab Power Package (Code: PP-TOY7)

Toyota Innova 2.0L VVTi SpeedLab Power Package 2005-up
Old price: ₱ 51,000.00
Price: ₱ 49,500.00
Toyota Innova SpeedLab Power Package Toyota Innova SpeedLab Power Package Toyota Innova SpeedLab Power Package Toyota Innova SpeedLab Power Package

Product Description

SpeedLab Power Packages are vehicle specific components designed to work together to give your vehicle a significant boost in power, torque, performance and fuel mileage! All SpeedLab Power Package components are designed to be a 100% bolt on affair with no cutting, alteration or modification of the vehicle, and can be reversed back to the original condition. Every SpeedLab Power Package is thoroughly tested on our in house Dynapack 4 wheel drive dyno to be sure that we provide you with solid performance numbers and actual HP gains, not just hot air, seat of the pants feel and wild guesses, unlike other so-called performance shops.

 toyota innova vvti dyno

toyota fortuner 2700 vvti hotpipes headers eng


Each SpeedLab Power Package consists of:

1. SpeedLab K&N Intake system -  We use only genuine K&N filter heads because they are simply the best in the world. This combined with our own in house designed intake adaptor tubes makes this the most cost effective intake you can buy, properly designed with all the correct flow characteristics and dimensions with proper sensor placement insures worry free operation with no check engine light (CEL) issues.

2. HotPipes Performance Downpipe - Made from T304 stainless steel, every Hotpipes Downpipe is designed to extract maximum power from proper exhaust flow. Each HotPipes Downpipe is TIG welded with mandrel bent tubing for unmatched performance and is a 100% bolt on to the vehicle's exhaust system. 

3. Unichip Fuel and Timing computer - Much like the team captain, the Unichip maximizes the gain of both the intake and downpipe by providing the optimum engine tune specific for your vehicle. It does this by allowing us to alter the car's air fuel ratio, either by adding or subtracting fuel (which is most of the time) insuring an optimal burn of the air fuel mixture, converting every last drop of fuel into energy.

The Unichip also enables us to adjust injection timing (when the fuel is injected in the combustion cycle) and by advancing the timing throughout the whole rpm range, we can increase throttle response and drastically reduce the lag that you experience from a standing stop when you step on the gas. A good side benefit of tuning the engine is drastically reduced black smoke, which means less fuel out of the tailpipe, thereby reducing fuel consumption by as much as 10%-12%*

*Under normal driving behavior

Pricing above includes installation and dyno tuning, please select appointment date at checkout page.


toyota innova vvti dynochart

Baseline: 94whp
Power Package: 109whp
+15whp & +14ft-lbs torque

Q: Will these mods make power?
A: Definitely, we won't be developing it, much less sell it if it doesn't make power. Otherwise it seems kinda pointless doesn't it?

Q: Why are the horsepower numbers lower? 
A: A dyno meaures wheel horsepower, the figure written in the brochure when you bouhgt your car is crank horsepower, which is the power rated at the flywheel of the engine ALONE. When the accessories such as the oil pump, water pump, airconditioning and transmission are intalled and in the vehicles, all of these contribute to what is called drivetrain loss, which is typically 30-35hp for front wheel drive cars, 40-45hp for rear wheel drive cars and 60-65hp for all wheel drive cars. 

Q: Will this void my warranty?
A: To be strict about it, if you read your warranty policy ANY MODIFICATIONS voids your warranty. Since most likely you already have wheels, HIDs, sounds, etc etc, consider your warranty voided. Practically speaking, these mods will not cause your engine to blow up and destroy itself. We've never encountered any problems in ten years we've been doing this.

Q: How often do you clean the filter
A: Once a year.

Q: Do I need to thermal wrap the header?
A: You can if you want, there will be no pros or cons if the downpipe is thermal wrapped.

Q: Do you have an open type cone intake for the Innova?
A: K&N actually has a Typhoon intake for the Fortuner. It's the same one for the US Spec 4Runner. This will make more power than the drop in filter.

Q: The Unichip works for a gasoline vehicle?
A: Most definitely!

Q: Is the Unichip universal?
A: Yes, its the most universal piggyback computer, which is one if the reasons we brought it in. The exact same unit will work for 95% of the cars out there, gas or diesel. As long as it has a computer box, it can be installed. Weirdest car we've installed it was on a Suzuki APV, most exotic was a Porsche 911 turbo. The Unichip's inventor has it on his twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo. So when time comes to sell the car, we simply remove it and transfer it to your next ride.

Q: Does the Unichip reset when you unplug the battery?
A: No

Q: Where is the Unichip installed?
A: Behind the glove compartment where the ECU is located.

Q: Do I still need to change the rest of my exhaust?
A: A full 2.0" exhuast after the downpipe would yield another 4-5hp, so changing it would be very beneficial for the car.

Q: I have a (insert brand here) muffler, is this OK or do I need to change it?
A: As long as it's a 2.0" inlet, then it's fine.

Q: Will my car be noisier because of the header?
A: No. If you have the stock exhaust, it will sound the same.

Q: I want a full stainless steel exhaust, do you guys have one for my car?
A: We can actually make you one, might take a few days but it's certainly doable. Call 4131-888 to make an appointment for your car.

Q: How long does it take to install?
A: We can do all 3 items in one day. Just bring the car early like 9am.

Q: Do I have to do all 3 items at once? Or can I do it one at a time?
A: Yes you can do it step by step, but there is a discount should you get all done at once.

Q: What are the wires that will be tapped when installing the Unichip?

A: Its basically only 8 wires for the power and ground, MAP and TPS, crank and air flow signal, then another 2 wires that control the injection pump. Its just takes slightly longer to wire than an alarm system. And its also completely reversible in case you want to sell the car.

Q: I don't want the Unichip, intake and header only. Can I choose not to?
A: Sure, you just buy each item individually.

Q: Can I just install Unichip alone?
A: You can, but the gains will be a few HP less because the intake and exhausts are still stock.

Q: Do I really have to dyno tune?
A: Yes. Every Unichip is blank slate until we program it, and the programming is unique to your car and your car alone. Even between cars of the same model and same modifications, there will be differences when it comes to tuning.

Q: What if I don't get the power level as shown in the dyno chart?
A: The dyno chart we show is the average gain from all the cars we have done. There are many factors on why a car makes less power such as maintenance, how it was broken in, how often it has been used, who uses it, etc etc. Rest assured that when we tune a vehicle, we are extracting the maximum power that the engine is capable of producing safely. Some make more power and some less, that's just the reality of it, but for sure, it will be better than what you started out with.

Q: What's the warranty?
A: K&N has a 1,000,000 mile warranty (yes that's one million), HotPipes and Unichip carries the usual one year warranty against factory defects.  

Q: Will my fuel consumption increase?
A: On the contrary, you should see 10-12% decrease in consumption when you drive normally.

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