Denso Iridium Power Sparkplugs IK20
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Denso Iridium Power Sparkplugs IK20 (Code: 5304)

Denso Iridium Power Sparkplugs IK20 #5304
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Product Description

DENSOs Iridium Long Life plug is fast becoming the standard for todays high-tech engines. The properties of DENSOs patented Iridium alloy have broken through the spark plug technology barrier. Employing a revolutionary new 360 laser welding process, DENSO has created a spark plug unlike anything on the market today. Designed for durability under the most extreme conditions, DENSOs patented Iridium alloy is six times harder and eight times stronger than conventional platinum and can handle temperatures in excess of 4,000F.

-0.4mm Iridium Tipped Laser Welded Fine Wire Center Electrode
-Tapered Cut U-Groove Ground Electrode Increases Ignitability and Decreases Quenching
-Machine Rolled Threads Prevent Seizing or Cross Threading During Installation and Removal
-100% Pre-Fired to Assure the Highest Quality Possible
-Purified Alumina Powder Insulator Provides Exceptional Strength and Thermal Conductivity
-Five Rib Insulator Prevents Flashover
-Copper-Glass Seal Bonds Center Electrode and Insulator for a Gas-Tight Seal

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