Modern pickup trucks are a far cry away from the crude, noisy and slow beats of burden they were 10 years ago. Common rail technology has given pickups a lot more power not only to haul, but to go fast, make that really fast!

And the most powerful 4 cylinder pickup you can purchase in the local market is the Chevrolet Colorado. Yes even we were stunned when it belted out 180whp on our Dynapack dyno. This thing is a beast! And the owner of this brand new baby wanted more! Make that a lot more! So follow us as we install a Unichip Piggyback Fuel Computer and a Devil’s Own Alcohol Injection system.


1. The Devil’s Own kit comes everything complete from the box. Alcohol injection is nothing new. The technology is actually decades old but still works amazing and delivers big power gains.


2. We remove the front bumper because we had special ideas for the alcohol tank later on.


3. The small space behind the driver’s side headlight seems tailor fit for the Devil’s Own pump.


4. Unlike most pickups that have only rubber hoses, the Colorado has metal pipes too, making it an ideal location to mount the boost switch.


5. Here’s the nozzle in front of the throttle body.


6. This is the standard red plastic gasoline can we use for most installs. The Colorado doesn’t have any room in the engine bay to mount it. Here, it’s a bit too fat for the bumper to fit back snugly.


7. The solution is to create a tank from scratch. And this custom tank holds over 15 liters!


8. The welds on this thing are gorgeous!


9. The Unichip wires into the stock ECU harness. It’s now ready to rock and roll!


10. With the exception of the refill pipe, it looks amazingly stock once the bumper cover is put back on.


11. As with every Unichip installation, dyno tuning is must!


12. Now that is insane amounts of power! 242whp and 440 ft-lbs of torque! These exact same upgrades are also applicable for the Chevrolet Trailblazer which has the exact same engine as the Colorado.