We previously did an intake install for the 1.6L Hyundai Elantra, now it’s the 1.8L’s turn. Most  people (including us) thought that it would basically be the same engine configuration with only the bore and stroke being different. Boy were we wrong. The 1.8L engine is a totally different animal compared to the 1.6L and thus needs another round of R&D, resulting in a completely different intake setup.

First up, the biggest shocker. The 1.8L engine does not like a cold air intake setup. Yep you read that right, a long tube cold air intake doesn’t make power on a 1.8L Hyundai Elantra. We tried different lengths and different tube diameters but nothing worked. Weve also seen some people take the cheap way out and just stick a filter at the end of the stock rubber tube, this doesn't make any additional power over stock either.

The resulting design is a short ram intake with a heatshield/bracket that holds the filter in place, and this configuration makes a decent 5-6whp on our Dynapack Dyno.

1. Here’s the K&N intake kit, with the filter, rubber coupling, tubes and brackets.


2. At first glance, it looks somewhat like the 1.6L engine, but the difference is only skin deep.


3. Upon removing the stock airbox, the differences start becoming more obvious, starting with the tilted throttle body. The 1.6L has a straight throttle body.


4. We do a test fit of the heatshield and the primary tube.


5. Now we screw on the filter head on to the funnel.


6. The filter and funnel assembly fits into the hole in the heatshield.


7. Then the tube goes on next. It’s a tight squeeze but it fits perfectly.


8. A little sticker at the back of the heatshield tells everyone that this intake means business.


9. Tada the finished install and ready to rock.