SpeedLab Montero  Sport  Power Up

With the release of the variable nozzle turbo equipped Mitsubishi Montero, the letter V just became a lot more powerful. But of course stock is never enough for us and our customers want their fast SUV to be even faster. And of course we’re happy to oblige.

A stock Monter GLS-V dynos in at 150-155whp mark, which is actually quite high since the declared engine power is 175hp. And here are the things that we did to make reach an astounding 215whp!

1. First step is always a K&N filter. In this case, a drop in filter is the perfect upgrade. Many people have asked if we offer an open type air intake for the Montero, and the answer is we don’t, simply because an open intake actually results in a power loss of 3-4hp.


2. The main advantage that the Montero has over the Fortuner is its front mount intercooler placement as opposed to the top mounted one on the Fortuner. Despite that, the stock intercooler is rather small and puny, which is prone to heat soak, especially in traffic. To address this, we have developed a bolt on front mount intercooler upgrade which features 3X the volume and capacity of the stock intercooler.


3. We designed the intercooler in such a way that no cutting of the stock vehicle is needed. Here you can see the intercooler placement without the front bumper


4. And here’s with the bumper in place, with no trimming of the stock hexagonal grill.


5. As an added bonus, customers can pick and choose the color of the intercooler piping at no extra cost, whether it be blue, red, black or even pink!


6. Once the intake side is done, we move on to the exhaust side. The start of the exhaust is actually the turbo outlet. Contrary to popular notion, turbo charged cars don’t have exhaust headers, but rather, they have turbo manifolds, and in this case, the stock manifold is the best design.


7.  We replace the stock 2.5” downpipe with a 3” full stainless steel unit that provides more flow and room for the exhaust gases to quickly exit the engine.


8. A 3” midpipe with a flexible joint connects to the downpipe. The flexible joint is an integral part of the exhaust, isolating engine vibrations . This is what makes our exhaust different from the competition as most don’t have any form of flex section. The lack of a flexible section will result in cracks in the welds, joints or hangers in the future.


9. We use a full 3” stainless steel chambered free flow muffler to quiet the exhaust note to a near stock level.


10.   Customers actually have several choices of tip finishers, whether it’s a dual or single tip.


11. You simply do not forget a brand like Devil's Own when you hear it! Contrary to misconceptions, there is hardly anything satanic or any association with the occult. The brand actually originated the term Devil Dogs which is a nick name for the US Marines, which the company founders were an active part of.


12. This is the heart of the Devil's Own system, their patented 250psi hgh flow pump.


13. We use a mechanical pressure swtich to set the activation point for when the alcohol/water mixture to start spraying. Our default setting is 7psi of boost pressure which equates to around 1/3 throttle. And what kind of alcohol is used? The kind you buy from the supermarket, drugstore or convenience store. Any of the brands like Green Cross, Casino, etc etc all work extremely well. Simply mix it with equal parts tap water an you're done!


14. We use an 8 liter gasoline tank to hold the mixture. How long does this last? Around 150km, or from the entrance of NLEX up to the last Total gas station in Lakeshore, with spirited driving.


15. The heart of the system that makes everything work together which is the Unichip is actually the only thing that cannot be seen. The Unichip is installed near the ECU of the car, which is behind the glove compartment, and hidden by carpeting in the Montero.

16. So how much power do we get? How about over 60whp more for a final reading of 215whp! And the best part is that these modifications are not only for the GLS-V Montero, even the earlier 2.5L and 3.2L non-VGT vehicles can see a big power increase when upgraded in the exact same way.

Here's the explanation what all the various squiggly lines mean:

Red Line: This is the base stock power of the Montero Sport GLS-V, which is 150whp @ 3600rpm and  251 ft-lbs torque @ 2500rpm. Notice that the power drastically falls off after 3500rpm down to 120whp at redline.
Green Line: This is with all the bolt on mods, K&N filter, front mount intercooler and full exhaust. Peak power now goes up to 163whp @ 3750rpm and peak torque rises to 270 ft-lbs @ 2500rpm. But more importantly, power doesn't fall of anymore after peak, but instead continues on at the same level up to redline.
Orange Line: Power goes up again to 189whp and 325ft-lbs torque when tuned with Unichip. Also notice that the power gain is a consistent 20-25hp all through out the power band. This is where Unichip really stomps the various diesel tuning boxes proliferating in the market. Diesel boxes can not give a consistent and constant power increase throughout the entire rpm range, you have to choose where you want the power, low, mid or high rpm, you can't have all 3. While you can get the initial surge of power when you step on the gas, it quickly falls back down to stock levels.
Blue Line: Think of it as nitrous for diesel cars, albeit a lot less expensive for the hardware as well as the consumable component, this is what Devi'ls Own Alcohol Injection essentially is. And it produces big big power, from 190whp, we managed to add an absurd 40whp and 35 ft-lbs of torque more, taking our total to 230whp, and 360 ft-lbs. And believe me when I tell you that driving this powerful of a car is an absolute hoot! You will want to step on it every opportunity you get.

And now for the part that everyone asks: How Much?

Here's the price breakdown:
K&N drop in filter - P5,500, 2 minutes to install
3" downpipe - P9,900, 2 hours installation time
Midpipe, muffler and tip - P35,000, one day install time
Devil's Own Alcohol Injection - P22,500 , one day install time
Unichip - P30,000, half day for installtion and dyno tuning

Prices already include labor, installation and dyno tuning. You can actually do it step by step as outlined above if you can't do it all at once.