They say you can have too much power, but you can never have too much braking. With the obsession about making power, most people tend to forget the brakes of a car. This is no truer than on Subaru vehicles. With power upgrades a plenty, the stock braking system is simply not enough, especially when WRXs, Foresters and Legacys start making more power than STIs.

While the first “cheap” option may be to get a set of 2nd hand Brembo brakes from an STI, a quick examination of the costs involved, and it suddenly isn’t so cheap anymore. What most people don’t realize with 2nd hand brake components is that most of these get tossed because the previous owner has already found them inadequate, meaning he already has roasted the Brembos at multiple track day sessions. As with any 2nd hand set, not all conditions are the same and the worst ones will need a complete brake caliper rebuild. Add to that refacing of the rusted rotors, or new rotors if the set is too thin. A new set of pads is mandatory, custom mounting brackets, brake lines and of course vehicle down time. Suddenly, cheap isn’t so cheap anymore.

The Cosworth Big Brake Upgrade address all these concerns with their 100% bolt on brake kit with all new hardware, including the brackets, fresh Cosworth brake pads, stainless steel brake lines, 2 piece rotors and all the screws, nuts and instructions.

And the installation doesn’t get as bolt on as this.


1.The Cosworth brake upgrade is significantly bigger than the stock discs on our Legacy, and it’s also slightly bigger than the Brembos of an STI.


2. The stock rotor is removed and the aluminum bracket is bolted on to hub.


3. The bigger 2 piece rotor simply slides on to the hub.


4. Two screws anchor the huge 4 piston caliper to the bracket.


5. Stainless steel lines are already included with every big brake kit.


6. One thing nice about a well engineered product is that everything bolts right in place, even the brackets that hold the brake line to the shock.


7. Now that looks awesome behind 20” wheels.


8. These babies will definitely improve the stopping power of your WRX, Forester or Legacy.


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