Most car enthusiasts would remember the old Land Cruiser 100 series as one though mother f^%%$

So much so that prices for the old LC100s haven’t changed or even budged. World renown for it’s tough go anywhere, drive anywhere, the Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the hallowed names in automotive-dom.

But all things need to evolve and a few years back, Toyota introduced a completely new, not updated Land Cruiser, dubbed the LC200. Bigger than the old model, and way more luxurious, the go-anywhere LC heritage is distinctly there, down to the Land Cruiser specific 5x150 lug pattern.

The biggest change is the engine. Gone is the atomic bomb proof turbo straight six. In its place is an all aluminum V8 twin turbocharged intercooled diesel engine. Now that got us very interested indeed. A big V8 means gobs and gobs of torque, with all 8 pistons pushing down. So when this LC200 drove into the shop with the blank orders of “making it more powerful” we gladly took up the challenge, giddy with the joy and anticipation that lies ahead.

The big LC comes stock with an equally big top mounted intercooler. In fact, it was the biggest stock intercooler we have ever seen.  Measuring almost 2 feet across. Aside from that, the engine has 2 turbos, 2 inlets, 2 outlets and 2 throttle bodies. Hmmmmm, stuffing an even bigger front mount was going to be a pipe twisting nightmare. But we had other plans. And here’s what we did.


1. A Devil’s Own Alcohol Injection Kit is simply the biggest bang for the buck power adder for diesel engines. Depending on the engine, 25-30hp increases are quite common. So we decided to go with this for the times the owner needs to haul ass.

2. Remember the thought about stuffing a big front mount? Well removing the bumper reveals why it would be difficult. The only place where there is airflow is the grill section on top. The bumper covers everything else, including the aluminum crash bar.

3. Space is amazingly tight in the LC200’s engine and the only place we can find to mount the pump is by the fuse box. Rather than drilling holes where there shouldn’t be any, we decided to use heavy duty 3M tape to hold it in place. And yes it does stay in place, done correctly.

4. Remember the hulking intercooler? Normal alcohol injection needs at most 2 injections points. This monster needed 4!

5. The activation of the system is boost dependent, and a the Devil’s Own pressure switch is mounted.

6. That humungous intercooler has two inlets and two outlets. And that’s where we mounted the nozzles. Here’s the pre intercooler nozzle.

7. And here’s the after intercooler nozzle.

8. A reversal of the 4-2-1 header concept that everyone is familiar with.

9. The left side of the dash has several blank panels for us to mount the switch. We really hate drilling holes where they’re not supposed to be and blank switch panels like these help preserve the stock look when the time comes to sell the vehicle. We think ahead for your benefit.

10. If your think this article is all about alcohol injection, well it’s not. We’re not about to let our crown jewel power adder miss out on the action. The Unichip is simply the best tuning solution out there, for both gasoline and diesel engines, all in the same module.

11. The Devil’s Own Alcohol Injection needs a steady supply of alcohol to make power. And in place of the intercooler we initially planned, we fabricated a HUGE alcohol container holding over 15 liters.

12. The feed spout is accessed through when the hood is open. Everything looks so factory that if we didn’t tell you about it, you wouldn’t know it’s there.

13. Here it is with the bumper installed. Yes it’s nice and shiny, but we could always spray paint it black. Hey we do love bling when it’s called for.

14. Best part is, we didn’t have to cut, or modify the bumper in any way. Once again preserving the value of your vehicle.

15. Here’s the filler spout. Bet you didn’t know it was there.

16. As with everything we do in SpeedLab, we have numbers to back it up. And this is bar NONE the most powerful diesel vehicle we ever did! How does 304whp and a galaxy turning 650 ft-lbs of torque grab you?