One of the vehicles that seem to resist devaluation is the Toyota Land Cruiser, most notably the 80 and 100 series. And for good reason, these big bruisers are tough and down right durable. While not exactly lacking in the power department for various off road excursions, more power is of course always better. And adding a Devil’s Own Alcohol Injection kit is a cheap and fast way to gain an instant 15-25 horsepower available on tap.

1.  This Land Cruiser not only fetches the kids from school, but also doubles a weekend off roader. And by off road we really mean off road in the mud.


2. The Devil’s Own stage 1 kit comes everything complete out from the box.


3. Unlike more modern cars with plastic air boxes, the LC80s metal box provides a secure place to mount the pump.


4. The LC80 doesn’t have an intercooler, but has a cross pipe that feeds the hot discharge air from the turbo directly into the intake manifold.


5. Here’s the angle fitting and the nozzle of the system. For this vehicle, we use a D05 nozzle.


6. We drill holes and tap it with threads.


7. The pressure switch is also mounted on this cross pipe. The knob can be twisted to activate the injection anywhere from 5-12psi of boost. For this one, we set it at 7psi, which is equivalent to around 1/3 throttle.


8. The nozzle is positioned right after the turbo outlet, allowing ample length for the alcohol to mix with the intake air stream.


9. A one way valve is provided and attached before the nozzle.


10. The container is not included in the kit and is really up to the owner’s discretion on what to use. It can be a water jug to a massive custom 20 liter tank. For this install, a surplus 3 liter windshield washer was bolt on to the inside of the fender.


11. An old de-fogger switch that lights up was scrounged up to serve as the main activation switch.


12. All the components are tightened and double checked.


13. With the exception of the big Devil’s Own sticker on the pump, you can hardly tell there was any modification done to the engine at a glance.


14. Yes, that is ordinary alcohol from the grocery. The recommend mixture is 50/50 alcohol/plain water.


15. A small sticker tells the world that you’re now packing Devil’s Own power!