Injen Performance Intake IS1340P
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Injen Performance Intake IS1340P (Code: IS1340P)

Hyundai Accent/Veloster Elantra 1.4L/1.6L Injen Performance Intake IS1340P
Old price: ₱ 18,500.00
Price: ₱ 15,500.00

Product Description

With the rising innovations in factor engine management comes the need to overcome their advance adaptively to produce any kind of meaningful horsepower. Injen Technology's patented MR Technology does exactly this. Through a series of engineered and tested air- restricted sections, the pressurized mass air is controlled to a calculated aggression, allowing for a proper air/fuel calibration. The end results allows for more reliable and consistent horsepower/torque gains. This technology is availed to the sports compact market exclusively through Injen Technology's SP line of intake systems. The Injen SP Series Intake is The World's First Tuned Intake System  


- Made with Injen exclusive MR technology
- Polished tubing
- Comes with web nano-fiber dry filter
- Genuine Injen product made in the USA

*Ships straight from the USA, 2-2.5 weeks shipping duration from date of order



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