SpeedLab Nissan Patrol Front Mount Intercooler System
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SpeedLab Nissan Patrol Front Mount Intercooler System (Code: )

SpeedLab Nissan Patrol Front Mount Intercooler System
Old price: ₱ 39,500.00
Price: ₱ 35,000.00

Product Description

Fitting a front mount intercooler is an excellent way of instantly and safely  increasing your engine's power output. Plus the stock top mount intercooler cooler in the Nissan patrol is prone to cracking with age, and the replacement units is absurdly expensive. The result is a drastic reduction of the temperature of the air entering the engine, creating a denser charge. Replacing the small top mounted stock intercooler across the engine with a front mount system means that a lot more cooling is on offer for the hot air trying to enter the engine. The cooler the air, the more power you will have on tap. Intake temperatures also drop by a significant 50-70 degrees.

And being a front mount intercooler, it doesn't suffer the serious heat soak problems of a top mounted system when stuck in traffic. The cooler air returned to your engine by the SpeedLab intercooler system ensures more power particularly at high ambient temperatures and more importantly, much lower engine operating temperatures with improved engine durability.

- Tube & Fin style intercooler (600x300x76mm)
- 24"x9"x2.5" intercooler core size
- 2.5" inlet and outlet
- TIG welded
- All aluminum pipework, not stainless steel
- All necessary clamps and hoses included
- Stock bumper fits with no cutting
- Choice of painted, polished or wrinkle finish
- Custom fitted to your vehicle*

*Each intercooler set is hand crafted and installed specific for your vehicle, Installation time of 2-3 days and the vehicle must be left in the shop. Price includes installation, labor and pipe finish.





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