KYB Lowfer Sport Shock WST-5433
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KYB Lowfer Sport Shock WST-5433 (Code: WST-5433)

Honda Civic FD 1.8L 2006-2012 KYB Lowfer Sport Shock WST-5433 Front.
Price: ₱ 7,550.00

Product Description

The Lowfer Series is a range of short-stroke shock absorbers specifically designed for lowered suspensions. Lowering Springs are generally installed on genuine shock absorbers in order to lower the ride height so as to enhance the look of a car or to improve ride stability with a lower center of gravity. However, the installation of lowering springs may result in insufficient suspension stroke. 

Why are Short-Stroke Shock Absorbers necessary? The advantage of a Shorter Stroke.


When a lowering spring is installed, the ride height is lower (as indicated by B) than the height when a standard spring is installed (as indicated by A). However, when a short-stroke shock absorber is used, the stroke will be nearly the same as that of the original shock absorber (as indicated by C).

KYB Lowfer Sports shock absorber combines the improved damping with a shorter compression stroke to allow for the accommodation of lowering springs. Lowfer Sports gives an increase of 180% of extension and 150% of compression when compared to a standard length OEM shock absorber. (These values are for guidance only) Optimum damping forces are specially set for each model based on the actual driving results.

KYB developed the Lowfer Sports Series, which is designed specially and primarily for vehicles
with aftermarket lowered suspensions of the same designs as the original suspensions. KYB this series for use with many passenger car models.  When used in cars with lowering springs, the Lowfer Sports shock absorbers can help the suspension demonstrate its true performance.

For certain types of cars, KYB also develops and provides Lowfer Sport Springs which are ideally suited for use with the Lowfer Sports shock absorbers.

Price is for one piece of  shock absorber.

Part Number:

WST 5433 - Front Righ/Left

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