Devil's Own Alcohol Injection Universal Stage 1 Kit
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Devil's Own Alcohol Injection Universal Stage 1 Kit (Code: 6091)

Devil's Own Alcohol Injection Universal Stage 1 Kit
Price: ₱ 21,500.00
Devil's Own Alcohol Injection Universal Stage 1 Kit Devil's Own Alcohol Injection Universal Stage 1 Kit

Product Description

The Devil's Own Stage 1 alcohol/water injection kits suppress detonation caused by high temperature and pressure developed within the combustion chamber when either a turbo or a supercharger takes the effective push-to-connect ratio beyond the auto-ignition point. 

You can cool the air with the DevilsOwn alcohol/water injection kit! Devil' Own drastically lowers intake air temperatures coming from the turbocharger, and as we all know, cooler air makes more power!  Water, with its high latent heat content, is extremely effective for controlling dropping temperatures by as much as 70 degrees. When mixed with alcohol, the mixture instant vaporizes, further cooling the intake charge. And since alcohol is also a fuel, more power will be produced as it is burned inside the combustion chamber.

We use all high quality parts in our very popular progressive alcohol /water kit without the controller. This kit utilizes a boost pressure switch for activation. You can reap the benefits of having an alcohol/water kit—its quality and abilities—without sacrificing reliability.

The Benefits of Water-Methanol Injection:

  • Increase horsepower safely by 10-18hp
  • Lower air temperatures by 50 to 90 degrees
  • Increases octane when you need it under boost
  • Reduces cylinder temperatures up to 300+ degrees
  • No wear issue—only clean combustion chambers
  • Allows you to safely run more boost and timing

System Contents Include:

  • Adjustable pressure switch
  • 300 PSI pump with EPDM seals
  • Heavy duty nickel plated check valve
  • 15 ft of black high pressure nylon tubing
  • 2 Micro droplet nozzles DO3, DO4
  • Filtered self-sealing tank tap
  • All necessary hardware
  • Detailed instructions

Important Notes:

  • Basic hand tools are required for installation
  • Optional hardware like metal pipings, brackets and clips might be needed
  • Drilling into OEM hardware may be required in some vehicles
  • Typical install time is 6-8hours
  • Installation charge is extra

* Installation charge of P3,500 plus optional aluminum piping, hoses and clamps.
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Devil’s Own FAQs

Q: I’m sorry, I’m a noob and I don’t understand cars, what does this do?
A: The simple answer is more power, more torque, cleans your engine. If you want to learn more and not stay a noob, I suggest you read the rest of this.

Q: How does it work?
A: Remember chemistry class when you had a Bunsen burner? Remember the liquid inside? Yep it’s alcohol. Being a fuel, alcohol burns. What the Devil’s Own kit does is inject a mixture (50/50) of water and alcohol into the engine, where it burns like any other fuel, with one big difference, alcohol is clean burning fuel, leaving no soot, no carbon particles, no black residue. This is the same reason why we didn’t use candles to heat up the test tubes in chemistry class.

Q: Injecting water into the engine? Isn’t that harmful?
A: Water in liquid form yes. It’s very harmful. But water in vapor form (water vapor) isn’t, and is actually very beneficial. It’s the same as spraying Evian on your face. What comes out is a very very fine mist that evaporates instantaneously, giving you a cooling effect. This is what alcohol injection does, it drastically cools down the intake temperature thereby giving you more power. Oh and water vapor is all around us, it’s in the air you breathe in and breathe out.

Q: What kind of alcohol do you use?
A: The best kind is methanol, which you buy from industrial chemical suppliers. But the cheap and easy source is ordinary rubbing alcohol, yes, as in Green Cross, Family or Casino rubbing alcohol. If your feeling crazy, cheap Cosak or Antonov Vodka works just as well. The optimal is a 50/50 mix.

Q: What’s the consumption of alcohol?
A: This is tricky and there are no numbers because the variables are too huge and spread out. If you don’t use it (every kit comes with a master on/off switch) then you don’t consume anything. We’ve had people who used up 4 liters mixture from Quezon City to Makati because they are on full throttle the whole time. While some, 8 liters is good enough to get them to Baguio. A good average is 1L/10km with semi aggressive driving.

Q: When and how does it activate?
A: Activation is boost dependent, which means at around 2500rpm and 1/3 throttle application. We usually set the activation at 7-8psi. most turbo diesels have a max boost of 12-14psi

Q: I read of a stage 1 and stage 2 kit? What’s the difference and what should I buy?
A: The stage 1 kit uses a mechanical pressure switch to activate the pump, while a stage 2 kit, uses electronics and a MAP sensor to do the same thing. We do not carry the stage 2 kits because the controllers are dodgy and we’ve had too many malfunctions with it. So we only do the stage 1 which works very fine.

Q: Will it harm my engine?
A: Not if installed and used properly. As long as the injection system is working properly, it can only do good things. Since the alcohol will dissolve carbon buildup, It will help keep your plugs, valves, and combustion chambers very clean. Besides, would be really dumb and stupid to sell you guys something that would cause problems for the both of wouldn’t it?

Q: Does the kit come with a tank?
A: No it doesn’t. The tank we use is an 8 liter plastic gas can that you get from Ace Hardware. This size fits snugly into the blank space on the left side of the engine bay of most diesel vehicles.

Q: Does it affect my fuel economy?
A: Nope it doesn’t. You get the same mileage while getting a lot more power.

Q: Can it work with my ____________________ mods?
A: Yes. Alcohol Injection works independently of whatever mod you have in your car.

Q: What does installation entail and why does it cost P3,500?
A: You can actually not spend the P3,500 and install yourself in one day if you’re mechanically handy (I know I can). What you are paying for is the time, experience and know how to get the kit to run properly the first time. Plus the getting our hands dirty part. And we throw in the 8 liter plastic gas can.

Q: Do we have to dyno after installation?
A: Nope but if you want to too, it’s P3,000 for a before and after baseline.

Q: What nozzle size should I put in?
A: Leave that part to us, that’s what you’re paying us an installation fee for because we know what’s the best size.

Q: I hear about a dual nozzle something, pre turbo something? I don’t really understand
A: The kit comes with one one nozzle (where it gets sprayed out) standard. Some users want 2 or even 3, depending on what setup they have. This is not a problem because it’s easy to add additional nozzles (P2,500 each). The pre turbo simply means there is one nozzle before the turbo charger.

Q: Do I need more than one nozzle?
A: Nope you don’t, but it is nice to have because you will have 2 cooling points instead of just one. We suggest the pre turbo because this will cool the turbo itself and prolong its life (don’t ask us by how much)

Q: I have a stock vehicle, can I install this?
A: Yes you absolutely can. However, most vehicles, we prefer to change the stock rubber intercooler piping to metal, so that the nozzle has something more solid to screw into than squishy rubber. Plus we like to preserve the stock part so that when the time comes to sell the car, the buyer won’t be nitpicking and pointing out why the hose has holes in it. Typical cost for the pipe is P2,500-P3,500 depending on the vehicle.

Q: Will I really feel the power?
A: Yes you absolutely will. Seems kindly pointless to sell you something you won’t feel.


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