Nitrous Express Proton Wet Kit
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Nitrous Express Proton Wet Kit (Code: 20421-10)

Nitrous Express Proton Wet Kit - Universal 20421-10
Old price: ₱ 49,500.00
Price: ₱ 45,000.00

Product Description

Proton nitrous systems combine performance, durability and value in a compact and easy to mount, made in the USA, nitrous / fuel module. Proton systems now contain a new and improved nitrous / fuel module that is capable of producing up to 250 horsepower to the wheels! The new nitrous / fuel module is extremely durable and is compatible with progressive nitrous controllers. This Proton Plus system includes jetting for 35HP, 50HP, 75HP, 100HP, 125HP and 150HP but can flow up to 250HP with the optional SHO jet kit. This system includes a 10lb nitrous bottle with a high flow billet aluminum Lightning 45 bottle valve, stainless bottle brackets, a single Shark nozzle, nozzle adapter, stainless braided nozzle lines, 15 foot braided stainless feed line, stainless fuel line, master arming switch, wide open throttle switch, 40 amp relay, relay harness as well as every nut, bolt and electrical connector needed to complete the installation. Fits all electronic fuel injected vehicles with a single throttle body.

- 10lbs Nitrous Express Bottle
- Proton fuel and nitrous solenoids
- Stainless steel braided nylon lines
- Bottle brackets
- Fuel and nitrous jettings
- Piranha Nozzle
- Relays and switches
- Arming switch and fuel line T
- 10lbs nitrous oxide gas

*Price is inclusive of install, labor and 10lbs nitrous oxide. Installation duration of 8 hours. Please select appointment date at the checkout page.

nitrous4Nitrous bottle mounted on Mitsubishi Lancer


nitrous5Nitrous bottle mounted on Toyota Camry


nitrous6Nitrous bottle mounted on Honda Jazz

nitrous7Dual bottle mounting setup

Q: Will this blow up my engine?
A: This is the most asked question of all, and the short answer is no, it properly installed and with the proper power level. The Proton kit kit comes with several setting for 35/50/75/100 hp increase. Every engine has a maximum safe limit in which power cna be added, and we will be th eones to determine that. A good rule of thumb we use is that 50hp additional is fine for 4 cyinder engines, 75hp for V6s

Q: Will the tank blow up and burst into flames when it gets hit?
A: That's only in the movies. Nitrous oxide is non-flammable.

Q: What kind of gas is in the tank? Is it the same gas thats used to inflate tires?
A: The gas used for Nitrous Express is nitrous oxide. The gas that gets put into tires is nitrogen.

Q: How long will one tank last?
A: You will get 20-25 uses from one full tank of nitrous in 5-7 second bursts. That may no seem a lot but trust us, it's plenty.

Q: How long can I keep using the nitrous?
A: As long as you have road in front of you. We have done a full quarter mile with the nitrous actiated from the start to the finish.

Q: Does it activate with the push of a button?
A: Yes it's like how you see in the movies, you press and hold the button if you want the power. When you let go, the system shuts off. There is also a master arming switch, so the whole system is non active whenyou don't need it.

Q: How much is the refill?
A: P350/lbs, and each bottle is 10lbs

Q: Do you have a smaller bottle?
A: We can order you a smaller bottle if you so request.

Q: Can you hide the tank?
A: Yes we can, we've done it already inside fake speaker boxes, spare tire well, etc etc

Q: Can you hide the installation? Meaning you cannot see the solenoids and nozzles?
A: Yes we can also.

Q: Do I need Unichip in order to install Nitrous Express?
A: You don't need to and its not a neccessity but it is highy recommended for the following reasons: Unichip will enable computer control and deactivation of the whole system, meaning it comes on automatically at a certain rpm and shits down automatically.

Q: When do you press the nitrous button?
A: You only activate it at full throttle, anything other than that and the nitrous is wasted.

Q: Does two bottles mean twice the power?
A: No. Two bottles mean it wll last twice as long.

Q: Is it really safe?
A: If we install it, yes.


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