Nitrous Express Bottle Gauge
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Nitrous Express Bottle Gauge (Code: 15509)

Nitrous Express Bottle Gauge 15509
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Product Description

Keep an eye on your nitrous bottle's pressure with a Nitrous Express bottle pressure gauge. Keeping your nitrous bottle at the right pressure is critical to ensure performance and safety. With this full-sweep, mechanical gauge, you can monitor this important part of your nitrous system easily.

0 to 1500 PSI Range. The NX bottle pressure gauge has a range of 0 to 1500 PSI with color-coded areas to help you see at a quick glance see whether your bottle is too cold, ready to fly, or needs to depressurize.

Application. This bottle pressure gauge is designed for Nitrous Express kits which have a D-4 size valve. It also has two 1/8" NPT ports so you can connect both your pressure gauge and another 1/8" NPT accessory inline with a D-4 line for maximum flexibility.                    


  • Full sweep, 0-1500 PSI range
  • Mechanical gauge
  • Billet aluminum construction
  • Blue anondized finish
  • 1/8" NPT accessory port
  • Compatible with D-4 bottles/kits

*Free installation. Bottle must be empty for installation.



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