Runstop Front Big Brake Kit Rotor Upgrade
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Runstop Front Big Brake Kit Rotor Upgrade (Code: RST-BBK-F-HND01)

Runstop Honda Civic Front Big Brake Kit Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotor Upgrade
Old price: ₱ 26,500.00
Price: ₱ 25,500.00
Runstop Front Big Brake Kit Rotor Upgrade Runstop Front Big Brake Kit Rotor Upgrade

Product Description

Runstop Big Brake Kit (BBK) is the best value brake upgrade you can purchase for your vehicle. Huge 320mm cross drilled and slotted ented rotors are 20-25% larger than stock rotors and provide more pad contact area, heat dissipation and cooling.

- Bore holes reduces mass, radiate break temperatures and help battle out-gassing.
- Special slots (which are non-directional and designed to work in combination with the cross-drilling) help dissipate water, dirt are dust and further combat out-gassing.
- Slot deglaze the pads, ensuring improved contact between pad and rotor. In combination the cross-drilling and slotting functions give more stopping power and less fade during repeated heavy break applications.
- Stock vechicle calipers and brake pads will be reused. Bolt on caliper relocator brackets included.
- Minimum of 17" wheels required for installation.

honda civic fd brakes runstop bigbrakes 320mm

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