Unichip Plug n Play Harness
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Unichip Plug n Play Harness (Code: PNP-HND1)

Unichip Plug n Play Harness Honda Accord 2.4L 2013-up PNP-HND1
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Unichip Plug n Play Harness Unichip Plug n Play Harness

Product Description

Get hooked up with Unichip power in mere minutes with SpeedLab's Unichip Plug n Play harness! Simply plug the harness into the car's existing wiring harness and start up the engine! No cutting or splicing of wires needed and completely reversible! Our Plug n Play harness use the same OEM grde connectors found in your vehicle.

Each socket connects to its own unique sensor so there is zero chance for you to connect in the wrong way. The self contained harness is specifically built for each vehicle and ready to hook up in minutes with no tools required.

Each Unichip supplied also comes preloaded with a performance map thats dyno proven* to increase power, torque and improve fuel efficiency. Our Plug n Play Unichip packages works on your stock vehicle, with intake or with exhaust mods**

Get the performance you want only with Unichip Plug n Play!

*Base performance map pre-loaded, for optimum results, individual dyno tuning is recommend.
**Please specify what modifications you have made when ordering in the comments section. Be as complete as possible including size, brand and type of modification. Custom dyno tuning is strongly recommended for modified vehicles.


 Unichip Plug n Play is connected to the following sensors:honda accord earthdreams k24 eng


a. Mass air flow (5 pin) located on top of the air box
honda accord earthdreams k24 maf

b. Throttle (6 pin) located at the back of the throttle body
honda jazz ge throttle

c. Crankshaft Position (3 pin) located at the back of the engine
honda civic r18 crank

Follow these steps in connecting your Unichip
1. Remove the negative battery terminal
2. Unplug each of the sensor sockets
3. Plug in the Unichip harness and make sure there is a click when pressed in 
4. Plug the Unichip into the 24 pin socket
6. Start the car and enjoy your newfound power.

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